A Little Bit About Me:

Hi, my name is Carly Robb and I am a student at Bucknell University. I titled this blog Mindful Matters because, as a senior at a small liberal arts college, I have found that we students hardly have time to live mindfully. It is surprisingly easy to get wrapped up in the “work hard and play hard” culture, leaving little time to explore anything else. We occupy our time with our studies, extracurricular activities, and social life. However, by fulfilling our time this way, we end up forgetting what is most important: ourselves. This blog will highlight ways to enhance our mental, physical, and emotional well-being amidst our hectic schedules. I will be experimenting with many different activities such as trying out campus yoga classes, perusing the Lewisburg farmers market, paddle boarding down the Susquehanna or even spending ten minutes in the library meditating. It is an experimentation of embracing the present moment and the importance of what defines these moments.

I have been shaped by what I do and the opportunities I have taken. Trying something new is usually terrifying – it seems as though whatever I call new, I quiver before it. Yet, overcoming this fear of the unknown ushers me into a realm of unlimited possibilities and experiences and I am always thankful in the end. I intend to continue living this lifestyle at school as well. At times, it might be challenging making such adjustments to my schedule, but throughout this school year, I will take this challenge. I will embark on adventures. And, most importantly, I will be mindful.

Although mindfulness has its roots in Buddhism, cultivating this secular practice can be achieved by anyone who seeks it. Mindfulness is the state of active, open attention to the present by awakening to experience. By nurturing this lifestyle, I hope to experience balance, awareness, adventure and calmness in various aspects of my life. I will share my experiences as well as the research explaining the possible effects my mind and body may have will have as a result. I hope to inspire students to do the same and remind them that the most fundamental harm we can do to ourselves is thinking about the past and future while forgetting the infinite possibilities the present offers.




you can contact me at: car046@bucknell.edu